Lines for packaging flour and powder products

In our offer we have automatic machinery for filling and closing performed paper bags (range 0,5 kg up to 5 kg) with granular or powder products italian company New Project.

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The New Project after the international success due to his standard machines P 42 and P 82 for medium and high productions and after his new line P 42 1/5, for 1 kg up to 5 kg, is still improving one new low-production line model P 25 oriented for 1-2 kg bags, especially made for small production mills. As the standard lines this two have the same linear mechanic motion without vacuum pumps technology.

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Dosing systems are realized with the newest technology and electronic controls. The picking system of the bags from the empty bags storage and its opening is due to the vacuum created by simple air-turbine. The movement of the filled bags is realized by means of vibrating channel step by step.

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The closures of the bags could be done by different systems (according to the request of the customers): hot melt, thermo sealing, labelling or seaming. All these machine are fitted with weight feed-back control system. Fitted with the machine, New-Project could offer automatic shrink wrapping, handling and palletizing systems.

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For more detailed specifications of products we kindly advise you to visit website of  New Project. We also invite you to contact directly with our company to be provided with detailed information about products that you are interested in. We can make individual offers specially prepared for you.